Strong Forte 200 - Micro motor dental

Producent: Saeshin
2 500,00 zł2 320,00 zł
Made in Korea by Seashin

RPM: Max. 50,000 RPM
Torque: 7.8
Power : 230W


100% original guarantee
Micro motor Forte 200
Handpiece type: forte 100 Ⅱ or 100 Ⅲ
FDA,CE certificated
Knee control type
Ergonomically designed
Excellent durability
0~50,000rpm High-powered Brushless motor
Lowest noise and Vibration, Maximal efficiency
Built-in micro processor(Self-diagnosis, Error display, Work memory storage and Handpiece auto-recognition function)
Foot speed control is optional
On/Off Switch Foot Pedal was not include
Knee control type is to fix on the wall under the desk and control by knee with sensitive speed alteration via a micro sensor. 
As to use the high torque brushless motor, vibration and noise are minimized , and the work efficiency is much improved. 
It diagnoses by itself and shows the error code in RPM display window. It also has a auto-cruise function that helps to improve work efficiency eliminating foot tiredness from inserted micro processor in control box. 
Moreover, Work memory storage function which is storing the status of the last work assists to have efficiency in repeat work.